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10 Ways to Improve Your English Speaking

1. Adapt yourself to The English language. Use English all the time. Make it part of your daily routines. You can create your English environment by using English in everything that you do or making the language a part of your daily routine.

2. Don’t ever think that speaking is the only way to improve English fluency. Fluency in English doesn’t mean that you only need to work on the speaking area of the language. You can also improve your fluency by developing your skills to the other aspects of the language like reading, writing and listening.

3. Don’t be shy to speak. Don’t be shy to use the English language. Being shy will only keep you from improving your fluency in the English language.

Speak English 10 times better by moving your lips and tongue correctly4. Practice listening to different English accents. Try to study different English accents too. Being familiar with these accents will help you in improving your vocabulary as well as your understanding for the language. You can then develop your style of speaking English if you are able to study English accents.

5. Self-practice. You can’t always have someone to talk to, which is why you also have to practice on your own. Record yourself as you speak in English and then listen to it. Identify the mistakes you have committed and make sure to correct the next time.

6. Read out loud. Reading English books out loud is another way to improve your ability to speak English. Don’t just read in your mind, speak it out! Reading helps in improving your vocabulary and gives you more knowledge about the language.

Speak English 10 times better by moving your lips and tongue correctly - How to Learn English EASILY !7. Record native speakers, and practice recording yourself too! Recording yourself as you speak in English will help you in correcting your mistakes. Recording native speakers will allow you to imitate their style of speaking. You can keep on listening to these recordings as much as you want.

8. Don’t forget to practice pronunciation. Studying the English sounds is important in developing your pronunciation skills. Always practice your English pronunciation if you want to become fluent. Keep on repeating words that you find hard to pronounce until you get them. The only way to practice pronunciation is repetition.

9. Ask someone to teach you. One of the best ways to become fluent in English is to have someone who is good in the language to teach you. You can ask them for more tips and advice. They will also teach you everything about the English language.

10. Refrain from translations. Translating will only prevent you from being fluent. You’re not learning to speak it when you translate words. Fluency means to speak clearly with proper understanding of the English language. Translating will never improve your overall English skills or knowledge.

It also keeps you from learning the correct grammar or sentence construction. All languages use a different set of words so the meaning of what you are trying to translate might be different from one another. It’s better to stop using translations every time you encounter complex sentence or phrase.

So that’s it! Make sure that you can follow all these tips to improve your English speaking skills. Fluency can only be achieved in time so be prepared to put a lot of effort into it.